Herschenia Arianne Brown (PEN “Aria Craig”) is an Employment Mediator, External Ombudsman, Corporate Consultant, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling and Award-Winning Author of The Single Mother Diaries™.

Herschenia’s education includes a Master of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution (from Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law); Bachelor of Science in Technical Management, and Board Certification in Mental Health Coaching. She currently serves as the Tri-Chair of Membership for the Federal Bar Association/ADR Section.

Her career has spanned from finance to project management where she led teams for multi-million dollar corporate projects, created cost-saving initiatives, resolved internal disputes, and helped organizations stay in compliance. Now, she has shifted to working with employees and employers to implement methods for resolving internal conflict and improving workplace culture through three separate solutions: Mediation, Ombudsman, and Corporate Consulting.

While working on establishing her own brand, Herschenia spent some of her free time writing books under the PEN Aria Craig, which earned her awards and placed her on the Amazon bestseller’s list in five parenting categories. Her books build bravery, resilience, and empowerment for moms struggling with the stressors of being single, divorced, or in a blended marriage; as well as children dealing with social issues.