Are you looking for the right person to empower your audience and engage them in transformational thinking? Herschenia is passionate about the below topics and can help your group or organization develop tools for healthier mental lifestyles. Some events include MommyCon, WVON 1690AM Radio,  Aglow Single Parents, and A Women’s Narrative to name a few. 
To view my speech on How Childhood Bullying Impacts You as an Adult


Personal Empowerment:

  • Co-parenting strategies
  • Blended family dynamics
  • Boundary-setting as a parental unit
  • Respect from step-children and the other parent
  • Tough conversations with your children – sex, drugs, and bullying
  • Identify your children’s strengths to follow their dreams

Mental Health:

  • Narcissist abuse
  • Bullying from leadership
  • Dysfunctional relationship with mother, father, and/or siblings
  • Divorced & blended parenting dynamics
  • Anger and unforgiveness
  • Work-related stress and burnout
  • Fighting systemic racism in the workplace

Professional Empowerment:

  • Promotion-worthy strategies in Corporate America
  • Fight stress, anxiety, and depression in Corporate America
  • Leading teams effectively
  • Balance your busy work/home life
  • Being purpose-driven
  • Transferring corporate skills into entrepreneurship


How each of these factors in the workplace creates stress, anxiety, and low-grade depression… and what you can do as an employee or employer:


Unfair Treatment

Stifling Potential


Lack of Leadership

Bullying, Pt 1

Bullying, Pt2

Bullying, Pt 3

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