Herschenia A. Brown

Mediator | Outsourced Ombuds |
Corporate Conflict Resolution Strategist 

Speaker & Advocate Against Workplace Bullying

“IADR’s mission is to help organizations with diverse workforces resolve conflict, build effective communication, and strengthen team cohesiveness for increased productivity and healthier work cultures by using informal designs and strategies.” 
Herschenia Brown, CEO & Principal Consultant






Studies have shown that organizations across the country lose an astonishing $359 billion a year due to conflict. In Agreement Dispute Resolution helps to improve your corporate culture. Discover how an emphasis on alternative dispute resolution translates to increased profitability through three distinct and separate services: 
Mediator, Ombuds, and Corporate Conflict Resolution Strategist


Mediator (Workplace & Civil)

Facilitating the discussion between parties to bring both sides to an agreement through neutrality and confidentiality, while avoiding reducing time, money, and expensive court costs. 

Outsourced Ombuds

An Ombuds is a GAME CHANGER for any organization! Outsourcing an Ombuds to resolve conflict and disputes through confidentiality, neutrality, informality, and independence can help your organization improve its culture and brand.

Corporate Conflict Resolution Strategist

Every organization has conflict. It’s inevitable.  “Are there strategies in place to effectively manage the conflict?” is the real question. Identifying the root causes of consistent toxic patterns, determining the risks, then building systems are steps toward creating a thriving work culture.

Omuds and Workplace Bullying

Click here to view a short video on how an Ombuds is an effective solution to transforming the workplace.

Comparative Analysis

Being an Ombuds and Mediator, I do not advocate for a particular party or interest. My position is to work within the ethical principles of either role to facilitate resolving the dispute. 

The goal of any Mediator is to successfully facilitate  the dialogue, using neutrality, informality, and confidentiality in supporting both parties in reaching an agreement to their dispute.

As an Ombuds, I am not an office-of-notice. Which means I do not investigate or make decisions. I abide by the four ethical principles of confidentiality, informality, neutrality, and independence of the organization or institution.

As an Outsourced Ombuds, my role is a very valuable resource because I am unfamiliar with the current work culture; thereby enhancing neutrality and trust among visitors. The same benefit applies to mediation in any type of organization.  

I can provide services from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world. In addition, as an Outsourced Ombuds, a visitor may be more trusting, and comfortable with sharing details and expressing emotions.

My personal experience has led me to become a fixture in the world of dispute resolution. What I have learned is that many companies have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to valuing their most valuable asset – their employees. I have spoken at and written articles for multiple media platforms on how to improve the wellness culture of a company. 

As an African-American female business owner, you would be supporting a minority-owned business.

My education and training in alternative dispute resolution, including Pepperdine University’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and over twelve years of conflict resolution experience make me the right fit for your company’s needs.


There is a high price to conflict in the workplace. According to BizFluent, studies show that “American companies lose a staggering $359 billion due to workplace conflicts” – from absenteeism and insurance claims to litigation and damaging a company’s reputation (click here to read the article). Investing in a Corporate Consultant to identify issues and create an action plan is not enough. As an Ombuds , I am the first line of contact for employee disputes and can facilitate mediation between employees effectively and confidentially. This role is vital in improving attrition, workforce relations, and productivity. Thus, helping an organization save time and money in the long-run. 

To learn more about what an Organizational Ombuds does, click here.

As a Corporate Mediator, I facilitate the resolution between employees and teams.

Compared to losing money, time, and reputation, both Outsourced Ombuds and Mediator services are quite affordable. Also, as an outsourced Ombuds, I contract as a consultant instead of full-time employee.

While attorneys and retired judges serve as mediators, the cost of their services is much higher. This allows me the opportunity to have a more affordable fee structure, allowing the difference to be reinvested in your business. Also, I provide a  more impartial service, decreasing the risk of advocating for either party.