Herschenia Arianne Brown
Mediator, ADR, MBA, CIHC

Employment Mediator | External Ombudsman
Corporate Consultant Speaker
Amazon Bestselling Author






Alternative Dispute Resolutions for Organizations

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Studies have shown that organizations across the country lose an astonishing $359 billion a year due to conflicts. In Agreement Dispute Resolution helps to improve your corporate culture. Discover how an emphasis on alternative dispute resolution translates to increased organizational profitability through three distinct and separate services: Employment Mediation, External Ombudsman and Corporate Consulting.

Employment Mediator

Facilitating the discussion between legal counsel of the employee and employer to bring both sides to an agreement through neutrality and confidentiality, avoiding the lengthy time and expensive costs of litigation.

External Ombudsman

Serving as the initial office employees contact confidentially with their issues and concerns, and facilitates solutions for resolution through confidentiality, neutrality, impartiality, and independence.

Corporate Consultant

Identifying risks and aspects of your current workplace culture for higher productivity and helping your organization take steps towards a more dynamic wellness culture.

Integrative Mental Wellness for Individuals

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Integrative mental health coaching is the way of the future as more research determines that holistic approaches are incredibly effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression; thus healing the body from disruption. Improvement of mental health can support a myriad of other health and lifestyle factors, and increase productivity.

Professional Wellness

Find relief from work experiences that contribute to anxiety, stress, and low-grade depression; thus crippling you from being productive in the workplace.

Personal Wellness

Commit to healing from anxiety, stress, and low-grade depression due to personal pain that has limited you in moving towards an emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual harmony and productivity.

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