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External Organizational Ombuds

Most often, employees lack trust in Human Resources or Compliance departments for their concerns. As a matter of fact, research shows that 7 out of 10 employees do not trust HR.

The Ombuds is the first line of contact for any employee in a organization (regardless of occupation) to express conflict, concerns, and grievances. Ombuds complement HR, Employee Relations, and other departments by operating within four standards: confidentiality, informality, neutrality, and independence. The Ombuds plays a critical role for improvement of the work culture by reporting issues plaguing the organization, thereby saving the organization time, costs, and a damaging reputation.

Contact In Agreement Dispute Resolution to learn more about setting up an Ombuds Charter for your organization.
How an Ombuds Support an Organization:

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External Outsourced Ombuds can help your organization.

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