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Outsourced Ombuds (Organizational)

Most often, employees lack trust in Human Resources or Compliance departments for their concerns. As a matter of fact, research shows that 7 out of 10 employees do not trust HR.

The Ombuds would the first line of contact for any employee in an organization (regardless of occupation) to express conflict, concerns, and grievances without fear of the conversation being communicated to other employees or departments, investigated, or being placed in employee records. Ombuds actually complement HR, Employee Relations, and other departments by operating within four standards: confidentiality, informality, neutrality, and independence, while working with the visitor (person visiting the Ombuds) to support their needs, including facilitated dialogue between conflicting persons (or informal mediation).

Best of all, with a secured virtual platform the visitor has the flexibility of self-expression in a safe space, providing a trusting environment to share issues.

The Ombuds plays a critical role for improvement of the work culture by aggregately reporting issues plaguing the organization due to conflict, thereby saving the organization time, costs, and a damaging reputation.

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How an Ombuds Supports an Organization:

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