When Only One Parent Is Doing the Work

Many people choose to be single parents. However, most do not. It definitely has its own set of challenges when one parent is doing most or all of the raising of a child. Assisting with homework, preparing dinner, and rushing to a doctor’s appointment – all have to fit in one person’s schedule. It makes it even more difficult when you are a full-time working parent or working more than one job to make ends meet. There are also birthday parties, graduations, and other special events to consider. But, there will be a time when your child will notice his or her friends talking about both of their parents and how they are engaged in their lives, and will come to you with questions. How do you handle having that tough conversation while making your child feel strong and confident in a single parent household? Remind him or her of the sacrifice and efforts of making sure every need is met as the only parent. And how you are determined to make sure he or she succeeds through your circumstances.

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