Conquering Bullying

How Childhood Bullying Can Impact You as an Adult

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Tips for Parents: 4 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Bullying

Coming directly from Aria’s personal experience on childhood bullying, here are three tips she taught her own son:

  1. Have your child immediately tell an authority figure.
  2. Reinforce self-confidence by having your child recite affirmations daily.
  3. Develop non-confrontational techniques and crisis management resources with your child.
  4. Help your child validate themselves and not through others.

Stats on Bullying

Now is the time to become active in understanding the factors of bullying and developing preventative measures.<BR>Here are some astonishing stats:* 

– 60% of middle school students say they’ve been bullied, and only 16% of staff believe they’ve been bullied.
– 160,000 students stay home everyday due to bullying.
– In schools where there are anti-bullying programs, bullying is reduced by 50%.
Let’s get involved in some capacity to empower our children in implementing self-love, confidence, and much needed self-worth.

* according to

Aria's Mission

My focus is on being and instrumental resource in tackling this social epidemic.  After enduring my own bullying experiences growing up, I am more aware of how extensive bullying has become in today’s climate.

We need to take a stand! The importance of understanding bullying and its insurmountable affects are growing. In my children’s book, Bubbles the Beautiful  Butterfly and the Bully that Chloe Conquers (ages 7 -12), Chloe is a 10-year old girl who is constantly teased because of her overbite and struggles when one of the students tests her courage. On this day, Chloe meets Bubbles, a beautiful butterfly that equips her with the tools she needs to build confidence and conquer the bullies.

Bubbles the Beautiful Butterfly and the Bully that Chloe Conquers

Aria Craig’s first children’s book focuses on the social issue of bullying, which is crafted from her personal experience and brings bullying awareness to the cause.

This must-read book helps parents learn how to help their children overcome this social pandemic through vivid images and powerful tips. It touches on:

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Bravery and courage
  • Empowerment and resilience

Bubbles the Beautiful Butterfly and the Bully that Chloe Conquers is illustrated in a way that captures the attention of parents and children, while exploring helpful solutions to bullying. Empower your children to overcome bullies today!

Powerful Testimonies

I love the character design and the story.  Chloe is relatable, yet unique! Every little girl and boy should have this for their collection. I will definitely add this to my collection for my students
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love this book so much. You are awesome and the boys loved it, as well!

This book is right on time! It needs to be in every school and used as a way to implement bullying prevention in schools across the country.


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