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Workplace Stress

How does each of these workplace factors create stress, anxiety, and low-grade depressions...and what can you do as employee or employer?
Specific focus areas include:


Professional Wellness Coaching

Bullying in the workplace is an widespread epidemic and affects people psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. As an advocate against bullying (including retaliation, harassment, and unfair treatment), I work together with you to identify effective ways of coping with the stress, anxiety, and low-grade depression associated with workplace bullying. We'll use holistic tools to improve your health while building strategies to enhance your professional development and career trajectory.
IG Lives on the following topics:

Personal Wellness Coaching

We will navigate to find the sources of stress, anxiety, and low-grade depression and work together to build progress towards the accomplishments you seek to improve your personal experiences and heal from trauma that limit your productivity.
Specific focus areas include:

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Statistics show that more than 80% of employees do not trust HR as a helpful resource. An Ombuds is not an office-of-notice and serves as the initial point of contact whenever an employee, at any level, is experiencing conflict in the workplace. We can work with your organization in contracting Ombuds and Mediation services.
Ombuds operate within these four principles:
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Family Mediation

Need a trained professional to help mediate the conflict between you and your ex in a divorce settlement? What about a family business? Book below to get the support of a Family Mediator without the high cost of an attorney.
Conflict resolution areas include:

About Me

Herschenia A. Brown (PEN “Aria Craig”) is an Employment Mediator, External Ombudsman, Corporate Consultant, FINRA Arbitrator, Board Certified Integrative Mental Health Coach, Speaker, and Bestselling and Award-Winning Author of The Single Mother Diaries™.

While working on establishing the brand for her own brand, Aria (or Hershey, as some people affectionately call her) spent some of her free time writing books under the PEN Name Aria Craig, which earned her awards and placed her on the Amazon bestseller’s list in five parenting categories. Her books build bravery, resilience, and empowerment for moms struggling with the stressors of being single, divorced, or in a blended marriage; as well as children dealing with social issues.

She is an advocate against workplace bullying and family narcissism relationships (parent, sibling, or spouse). She serves on the following associations:
  • Advisory Board for the National Workplace Bullying Coalition
  • Tri-Chair of Membership for the Federal Bar Associations, ADR Section
  • American Bar Association, DR Section – Ombuds, Women in Dispute Resolution & Diversity Committees
  • Member of the International Ombuds Association (IOA)
  • Lambda Kappa Mu, Sorority, Inc.